Was it negligence?   A suicide?   Or murder?


Jerry Della Femina, New York Times best selling author: "The last time I was this excited about a new writer of mysteries was when I read James Ellroy’s first novel. This is an exciting new addition to the world of publishing.”

Len Richardson, editor of California Farmer magazine: ". . . anyone who has been in agriculture won't be able to put down this book." (read full review)

Jack Taylor, South Texas cattle rancher: "Finally got a break to read this book. It really was one of those that once I got started it was hard to put down. I'm getting too old to stay up past 10:00 PM but two nights of 1:00 AM reading really took its toll."

When an environmental activist dies from an illegal pesticide on a small farm just north of Los Angeles, the ensuing frenzy from a wolf pack of regulators, eco-terrorists, and journalists brings the farm owner, Mark Redmon, to his knees. The pesticide in question, however, is a chemical that this particular farmer claims he never used in his life.

Redmon's search for answers takes him from Southern California's rural fringes, to the state's desolate North Coast forests and back to LA's exclusive Westside. Still, his every move only raises more and more unanswered questions: Was the death a product of his own negligence? A suicide? Or an eco-terrorist plot?

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